The Orindawoods Tennis Club Pro Shop

The Orindawoods Pro Shop
The Pro Shop sells the latest in Babolat racquets, as well as Babolat tennis balls, Babolat grips and Orindawoods logo products. In addition, we offer stringing services using Babolat strings. There are demo racquets from the Babolat line available to try out while you play at the Club.  If you have questions about any of these products, contact Patric.

        Current Babolat Racquets Available:                
   Price includes tax and stringing

Pure Aero 2019

Pure Drive 2018



Pure Strike 2017


Pure Aero 2016
Limited Stock on hand


 The Pro Shop also stocks a full line of Babolat Junior Rackets




Babolat Roland Garros Ball: $4


Babolat Rackets:
2019 Pure Aero                $229.00
2019 Pure Aero Team        $209.00
2018 Pure Drive               $219.00
2018 Pure Drive Team       $199.00
2018 Pure Drive 107/110  $199.00
2018 Pure Drive Lite         $195.00
       2017 Pure Strike 100        $199.00       
2017 Pure Strike Team      $189.00
                 2016 Pure Aero                $189.00  Sale Price!

                 2016 Pure Aero Team       $179.00  Sale Price!

Junior Rackets:
Aeropro Drive Jr. 26           $104.00
Pure Drive Junior 25           $69.00
Pure Drive Junior 23           $69.00

Vibration Dampners          $8.00
Replacement Grips           $8.00
Overgrips                          $8.00


Stringing Services:

Babolat strings available