Ladies' Programs

Ladies' Drop-in Clinic
There is a "Members only" drop-in ladies’ clinic every Tuesday from 9:30-10:30 a.m. with Head Pro Patric Hermanson.  The cost is $5.  The clinic meets on courts 2-3.  Court 3 is available for play immediately following the clinic for Ladies’ Day.

Ladies’ Day
Tuesdays, 10:30-12 noon on Court 3.  No charge, all member women are welcomed.

League Tennis
Orindawoods has teams year around, in various USTA, Fall, Spring, and BALL leagues. Contact Keith (
) for more information. He will put you in contact with the appropriate captain.

Orindawoods Tennis Club

2017-2018 League Tennis


Weekday leagues:

Home matches played on Mondays or Friday mornings starting at 9 a.m. warmup.


Fall A4               Leslie Finertie

Sr. BALL B2       Danielle Signorella

Sr. BALL A3       Janet Govan

BALL A3   Cindy Barber

Spring A3    Leslie Finertie


USTA Leagues:

Home matches generally played on weekends starting at 11 a.m.


40 AW3.5          Pam Nichols (w/ Sleepy Hollow)

40 AW4.5              Rene Erdem


65 AW3.5          Lorena France


18 AW4.5          Marcy Sharafian

18 AW5.0          Lilana Spindler


55 AW7.0          Leslie Finertie


40 Mx7.0          John Bochman

40 Mx8.0          Janet Govan