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2019                             Instructional Article Topic

Nov 19  Effects, Not Side Effects; One More Step; USPTA Convention Highlights

Oct 19   Play the Ball, Not the Player; Analytics

Sept 19 What Players Know; The Hardest Thing in Tennis; Avoiding the 3.5 Winner

Aug 19   Footwork: The Split Step, Styles of Play 1970 to 2020

July 19   Consistency, Dreams vs. Expectations

June 19  3.5 Thinking vs 4.5 Thinking; The Contact Challenge

May 19   Ready Position; Quickness; Experience and Reality; Receiver's Partner

April 19   Bag Check, Knowledge and Belief, The Essential, Tale of Two Shots

March 19 Shot of Choice, Serenity Tennis, The Forehand Volley

Feb 2019  Over the Net, Spin for In; Dealing With Lucky Shots; Taking It Slow

Jan 2019  The Performance Triangle

2018                               Instructional Article Topic

Dec 2018  How to Use Gravity; Six Stages of a Match

Nov 2018  Whose Your Master?, Returns, Two Big Lies, Tie Breakers

Oct 2018   Tennis Triangles; Tennis Cons; Contact: Touching and Catching

Sept 2018 Playing the Middle; Contact: Line of the Ball / Line of Your Stroke

Aug 2018  Mapping the Court, A Boat Load of Really Bad Physics, and Keeping It On The Road. 

July 2018 Targets and Jr. Lines; Target Middle; The Target Not the Ball

June 2018 Timing and Contact; The Natural

May 2018 Tactics; The Many and The Few

April 2018 Ball Alignment Pt. II; Shot Selection

Mar. 2018 Alignment In Tennis; Practicing Serves

Feb. 2018 The Alley; When to Restring

Jan. 2018 Stroke Breakdown; The Second Voice

2017                               Instructional Article Topic

Dec. 2017 Dealing with the 3.5 Sitter

Nov. 2017 Playing for "Fun"; Timing; Form, Footwork, Timing 

Oct. 2017  Workout Buddies; Round Ball / Flat Racquet

Sept 2017 Stacking in Doubles

Aug 2017  The Easy Game; A Tennis Koan

July 2017  Controling Time; A Perspective on Line Calling; Cutting Through The Air

June 2017 Rotation/Counter Rotation; Foundations of Your Game; Practice

May 2017  Calm Above, Quick Below; Bad Line Calls, A Plan; High Performance; League Tennis

April 2017  Lefties: A Different World View, Footwork Master Class

March 2017 Invisible Tennis, Form Informs Footwork

Feb. 2017  The Rain Daze; Questions For Improving Anticipation; Counter Rotation

Jan. 2017   Gravity, Keeping Loose and Tension Free


2016                               Instructional Article Topic

Dec. 2016  "Three Simple Changes for Big Results"; Being a Competitor

Nov. 2016  Four Fears, Performance Triangle

Oct. 2016   I've Been "What-ifed", Nuance of Belief, Some Points Matter, Some Don't, Targets

Sept. 2016  Let The Ball Hit The Racquet First, Nunchucks and a Rotating Axis

Aug. 2016   Time & Space in Tennis; The World (Ball) is Round

July 2016    Hard to Learn, Easy to Play

June 2016   Seeing and Believing, the Reality of Lobbing

May 2016   Knowing vs. Doing; Watching The Ball, Sometimes

April 2016   Attack or Defend?, Thoughts on Indian Wells 2016

March 2016  Firing Sequences; Presence; The Four Weapons

Feb 2916    Changing Directions: The Art of Deception

Jan 2016     Defensive Alignment: Anticipating Your Opponent's Shot


2015                               Instructional Article Topic

Dec 2015      The Cardinal Rules of Tennis

Nov 2015      Serving Plus One & Returning, Shots 1, 2 & 3 of a Doubles Point. 

Oct 2015       Buiding Your Doubles Game One Shot At A Time

Sept. 2015    Return of Serve, First and Second

August 2015  Anticipation, Getting The Most Out Of Your Game In Each Match

July 2015      The Art of Calling Lines As Best As Humanly Possible

June 2015    Character (and Dealing With Characters)

May 2015     The Life of A Tennis Ball, A Brief History; Long-term Health Benifits of Tennis 

April 2015     Ten Things: Indian Wells (lessons from the Desert)

March 2015  Tennis Over the Years: Some Things Change, Somethings Remain The Same

Feb. 2015     Playing After A Layoff; Duece Court Return Strategy; Frustration vs. Determination

Jan. 2015      Anticipation: The Nature of Indecision


2014                               Instructional Article Topic

Dec. 2014     USTA Leagues: Apples and Oranges; Spin Or Bounce Solutions At Contact

Nov. 2014      Nature of Contact, Touring Pros Have It So Easy

Oct. 2014       Know the Code of Tennis (Rules for unofficated matches), Defending Squares of the Court   

Sept. 2014     Defending the Lob, Zone Defense

August 2014   Playing With Different Level Partners; The Pain of Learning

July 2014       Learning Tennis: a Game for Everyone; Light Touch on the Ball

June 2014      A Racquet is a String Instrument, How to Move Without Moving

May 2014       Junior Issue: Parenting Your Junior on the Tennis Court

April 2014       Defending the Lob, Lessons to Learn From Roger and Stan at IW

March 2014    Shots, Situations and Crazy Characters

Feb. 2014       Dealing with Disappointment

Jan. 2014       Levels of Thought, What Can Your Racquet Do For You


2013                               Instructional Article Topic

Dec. 2013       Hitting A Crooked Ball Straight, Connecting The Dots

Nov. 2013       Chasing Spin, Getting Two Steps Faster

Oct. 2013        Unlocking Doubles: spotting the keys, Thoughts on Errors

Sept 2013       Observing the Court and the Task at Hand in Tennis

August 2013   The Illusion of 50/50 Thinkiing; Hand Signals

July 2013        Connection vs. Colison, Being Appropriate

June 2013       Playing the Ad Court

May 2013         What Pushers Understand, and What They Miss About Tennis         

April 2013         Up or Back? Coming in or staying at the baseline? 

March 2013      Acomplishing Change, Challenges and Techniques

Feb. 2013         Net Play in Modern Doubles

Jan. 2013      Improvement, Challenges and Success

2012                               Instructional Article Topic

Dec. 2012         Modern Strokes: the Perpendicular Swing

Nov. 2012         Doubles Formations

Oct. 2012          Creating Opponent's Errors

Sept 2012         Doubles: A Court of Thirds; Practicing Returning Aces

August 2012     Power & Control, You Can Have It All

July 2012          The Game Behind the Game; The Six Stages Of A Match

June 2012        Dealing With Bad Memories; Overheads and Serves

May 2012         It's The Middle, Stupid!

April 2012         Serving: Punch Up; Being A Good Winner

March 2012      Court Reservation Policy; Fun (Phun) With Physics

Jan 2012           Running The Plays: Basic Doubles Plays

Feb 2012          How the Impossible Shot Can Help You; Serving Tendencies

2011                               Instructional Article Topic

Dec. 2011          Keith's Rules For Playing Doubles; Waggling To Victory

Nov. 2011         The Only Point You Can't Afford To Lose; The Meaning of Cheating

October 2011    Doubt, Faith, Belief and Conviction: The Net vs. Baseline Battle

Sept. 2011         Balance Between Offense and Defense; 10 Things You Didn't Know About Keith

August 2011      Hitting With Power; Hot Spots, Hot Shots

July 2011           All Things Poaching

June 2011          Living with Lobbing

May 2011           Pull, Not Push Your Way To Success; What Shots, When and Where

April 2011           Ball Toss & Between Point Focus; Shot Types & Heights Over the Net

March 2011        Three Types of Movement; How Much Should You Play?

February 2011    Tennis Rule Change: Correcting Call; Doubles Quick Tips

January 2011      Where Do Most Balls Go, and How Could You Defend That


2010                       Instructional Article Topic

December, 2010    Playing Tennis in Winter Conditions

Novemeber, 2010   Match Preperation, Sumary of lessons from USPTA Convention in La Quinta

October, 2010       Source of Power on Your Strokes, Drop-in Court Rules

September, 2010  Breaking Through Your Glass Ceiling

August, 2010       Zones of the Court, Attacking and Defending in Doubles, Barry Gilmore Tribute

July, 2010           Confidence, Power and Control in Strokes

June, 2010          Excellence or Average, Do You Really Want to Get Better?

May, 2010           Redefining the A: Success in Tennis, Focus

April, 2010            Importance of Playing and Practicing, When to Switch Strategy and Tactics

March, 2010           Empowering Yourself as a Player, The Volley

January, 2010        League Teams and Being a Good Teammate

February, 2010        Cause And Effect In Playing Tennis, Winter Tennis

2009                    Instructional Article Topic

December, 2009      Turning vs. Brushing

November, 2009      Loving The Lob

October, 2009         Aiming: Stroke vs Strategy, Your Effective NTRP Rating

September, 2009     Using Our Physiological Advantages, Improved Volleys Thru Shot Selection

August, 2009         The Court Reservation System; Getting a Grip On Your Racquet

July, 2009               The Art of Learning: A Forehand Adventure

June, 2009               Height of the Ball at Contact

May, 2009               Modern Doubles Strategy; Mentally: The Next Best Place To Be

April, 2009               The Weakest Shot, Reflections on Indian Wells

March, 2009            Strategy: Two Opponents, Three Choices; Happiness, Burn out and Scheduling Your Tennis

February, 2009       Some Days: Dealing With an Off Day; Cheating for Young and Old

January, 2009         Upgrading Your Midcourt Game, The End of "No-man's Land"

2008                     Instructional Article Topic

December, 2008   Improving Your Game, How Much Practice, How Much Match Play; Winter Tennis Tips

November, 2008   Lessons From The USPTA Convention 2008, The Waiting Game: How to Wait for the Ball

October, 2008      The Warm-up, Dealing With Bad Line Calls

September, 2008   How To Play Social Tennis, Picking a Doubles Partner

August, 2008         Flexibility: the Ability to Adjust to the Constant Changing Circumstances that is Tennis

July, 2008             Effort vs Skill, Positioning Is The Key to Managing Your Stroke

June, 2008            Keeping It Fun, The Mental Secret to Enjoying Your Club

May, 2008            The Contact Zone, Reflections on Pro Tennis and the Six Players You See On TV

April, 2008            Staying in the Moment, Staying With Reality

March, 2008         USPTA Convention Instructional highlights: Lansdorp, Six Stages of a Match, 10 and Under 10S

February, 2008      Playing Tennis in the Winter Months, The Split Step

January, 2008      Reservation Rules, How to Make a Reservation

2007                     Instructional Article Topic

December, 2007   Dealing with "Bad" Line Calls

November, 2007   Tell Me Where the Winners Are

October, 2007   US Open Review: serve and mental game, Hitting the High Ball

September, 2007   Playing A Match, Before, During And After Match Play tips

August, 2007      Improving Contact With The Ball, Angle of Deflection

July, 2007         Partner Politics; Finding the Ball, Finding the Court; Playing in the Wind

June, 2007         What Makes Tennis Hard, Coordination vs. Aiming

May, 2007         Two Ways to Win, Two Ways to Lose

April, 2007         1) Indian Wells Report, 2) The Stroke, connecting with the ball

March, 2007      The Difficult and Essential Question: How Am I Going To Lose Points

February, 2007   1) League Tennis: How Crazy Is This? 2) Think Thoughts That Help You

January, 2007     The Mental Game: A Brief Summary of What I Know


December, 2006   Facing The Monsters, Thoughts on Dealing With Fear

November, 2006   1) The Sideways Volley, 2) Lessons From The USPTA Las Vegas Convention

October, 2006      Playing The House, Playing High Percentage Tennis

September, 2006   The Height Of Things, Where To Aim Over The Net

August, 2006        Playing In Your Lane, Positioning in Doubles

July, 2006            1) This Week's Injury, Dealing with Injuries, 2) Refections On Being A Winner  (mental)

June, 2006           Defending Those Tricky Angle Shots

May, 2006            Decision Making, Lessons From The Best, strategy

April, 2006            The Volley

March, 2006         1) "Who's On My Damn Court?", 2) How To Lose A Match, Playing Percentage Tennis

February, 2006     1) Keeping Your Shoulder In Place, The Serve, 2) Honesty On The Court, Mental Game

January, 2006       1) Australian Formation, 2) Food For Thought, The Value Of The Occasional Loss


December, 2005   League Play, Wrist Lag in the Groundstrokes

November, 2005   Forehands and Hurricanes