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IMPORTANT: Court Light Timers

Hi Everyone,


We just had our new court light timers installed at the Club. If you want to use the courts at night, you must turn the court light timers on. The lights no longer go on automatically from 4:15 to 9:35 p.m.


The timer switches are located at the gate to Court Two at the bottom of the stairs and ramp. There is a timer switch for each court. The maximum time is 120 minutes, but you can set them for less as well. If you get to the courts and the lights are still on, be sure to check the time and set it for how long you want to play.

When the lights go off, it is quite dark, so estimate the time you would like to play and set the timer for that. It would be a good idea to have a flashlight or phone with a flashlight just in case. The path down to the courts is lighted. 

The lights shut off for the evening at 9:35 p.m., as always, but if the lights go off before then, you can just turn the timer and add more time.


Our new LED lights save a lot of energy and cost (they only use 40% of the energy of our old lights), while providing better light for night play. We can save even more energy and expense, by having the lights OFF when people are not using the courts. Thus, the court light timers. When you leave, turn the time down to a few minutes so you can escape in the light. Thanks for helping us to save energy, money and improve the tennis experience here at Orindawoods.

See you on the courts soon, 


--Keith & Patric