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Reindeer Games, In the Clear?

Hi Everyone, 

We are getting close to the annual Reindeer Games, next Sunday 12/10, 2-4 p.m., and the long-range forecast calls for "nice" day (curse of death?). So, I think it is time to start having some confidence that it will be a "nice" day for tennis.

Let's all get together and celebrate the club, friends, the season, and all that cheer. We'd love to see you down at that Club for the Reindeer Games. 

We will play mix and match tennis for a couple of hours (2-4 pm), and enjoy each other's company up on the deck afterwards. There is no cost, just bring a big smile and a great attitude. And of course, your "A" tennis game. We will provide some light snacks and sips of holiday cheer. 

To register, contact Keith (reply to this e-mail) or Lysbeth. We'd love to see as many of our Orindawoods friends as we can! 

-- Keith

BTW: The new LED court lights are awesome. Enjoy!